January 2, 2021

What is Athan? Athan is a call to prayer for Muslims and it is announced every day at the beginning of each prayer time of the five daily prayers. The muezzin (person who calls the Athan) makes this call from a high place; traditionally from the top of a house or the roof of the…

December 22, 2020

Listening to a recitation of the Holy Qur’an in combination with interdialytic endurance–resistance training induced an improvement in physical condit JOURNAL OF CRITICAL REVIEWS CRITICAL REVIEW OF RECITING AL-QURAN IN RESTORING THE RESILIENCE AND MENTAL HEALTH AMONG QUARANTINED COVID-19 PATIENTS([1]) Abstract The paper was designed to examine the effect of reciting to the Quran in…

March 9, 2020

1- This fatal epidemic, which has afflicted people around the world, has proven the weakness and impotence of humankind in the face of this tiny virus that is not visible to the naked eye.  So, who is the powerful Creator who is able to preserve and heal us? 2- What are the solutions and precautions…

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